What our clients are saying

I have used the CardSense study for over 10 years. I use it to provide market level information to the Board of Directors, identify emerging trends to guide product development, size new opportunities and guide the development of primary research. I could not imagine operating without the kind of insights that I get from CardSense.
Richard McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Bank

We find the data and information that MarketSense supplies to be invaluable in our planning and strategic assessments. Not only do they compile a wealth of data points across a number of key segments, their insights and analysis are first rate.
Head of Small Business, Major Canadian Financial Institution

True research insights can only come from a holistic view of the whole market, not just the corner of the market your company plays in. That is why Interac relies on CardSense to fill in the gaps in our knowledge of “the other side”, so that our insights are informed from a holisitic viewpoint.
Eric Chue, Director, Research & Industry Insights, Interac Corp.

We have been using CardSense for many years as a go-to source to understand consumer behavior and preferences with credit cards and rewards programs. An incredible wealth of information at your fingertips to help inform key business decisions. In many cases it has eliminated the need to go to market with custom research, saving time and money. Lynda and Mary-Anne are very helpful in answering questions if the data is not readily available in standard reporting.
Manager, Customer Insights at a Major Canadian Bank

Working with MarketSense over several stages of my career has always yielded fantastic results. Mary-Anne and Lynda offer specialized industry research which has helped differentiate the credit card portfolios and products that I have managed. What’s more, they are a pleasure to work with and are real partners during and after the engagement.
Scott Lapstra – Payments Consultant

I have been covering the Canadian payments and loyalty card markets for various international banking publications for the last eight years. MarketSense is one of the first sources I contact for my articles and I have found MarketSense a great source of data and analysis of market dynamics.
Canada-based payments industry journalist for international banking publications.