Who we are

Mary-Anne Huestis

Mary-Anne Huestis is one of the founding principals of MarketSense. Building on a strong background in financial services Mary-Anne has become a subject matter expert in the credit card and loyalty program market in Canada. Through the CardSense studies she has focused specifically on this area for the past thirteen years and has guided design and content to reflect an evolving, dynamic market. Driven by curiosity and a desire to know how things work Mary-Anne has developed a reputation for understanding client needs and delivering a point of view on ways to move their businesses forward.

Lynda Lovett

Lynda Lovett is a market research professional with more than 30 years experience in financial services and consumer packaged goods. Lynda has been both a buyer and supplier of market research and is experienced in designing unique approaches to explore a broad range of subjects and industries. As a founder of MarketSense Lynda holds unparalleled knowledge of the credit card and reward program space and is a valued resource to her clients when they are seeking to understand the trends and future direction in this complex market. With a keen focus on aligning research with strategic goals she considers each client’s unique portfolio when designing and delivering research to meet their needs.