Proprietary research studies

CardSense - Why this study?

CardSense is our integrated exploration of the Canadian credit card and reward program markets and includes over a decade of trending information. It provides subscribers with a unique perspective on developments in the credit card and reward program landscape. Our in depth analyses equip clients with insights to help them understand their competitive positioning and develop meaningful strategies to improve market share.

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Business CardSense - Why this study?

Business CardSense examines the factors driving the selection and use of credit cards among Canadian small business owners and the role of reward programs in influencing behaviour. Our detailed analysis of the small business market also provides an overview of payment methods used and the appetite for new technologies. This study provides a comprehensive picture of business cardholder attitudes and behaviours equipping our subscribers with the insights necessary to develop compelling strategies to target this important group.

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Proprietary Research - Why you should consider MarketSense Inc.

The principals of MarketSense are uniquely equipped to undertake custom research projects given our broad experience across a wide range of research techniques and topics. Our expertise in financial services, credit cards, reward programs and payment methods translates into an informed and thoughtful perspective to the work we do. Each project we undertake receives a hands on approach and our commitment to delivering actionable insights.